C-Capture Tests New Carbon Capture Tech For Cement Industry

C-Capture Tests New Carbon Capture Tech For Cement Industry - Carbon Herald

C-Capture, a company developing cutting-edge technology to capture CO2, is teaming up with Heidelberg Materials to trial a new carbon capture system in the cement industry.

This trial, part of C-Capture‘s nationwide project “XLR8 CCS,” is happening at Heidelberg Material’s cement plant in Ketton.

XLR8 CCS aims to prove that capturing carbon emissions from hard-to-abate industries like cement production is achievable and affordable, helping them reach net-zero goals.

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A specially designed unit (CCSCU) built by C-Capture and a project partner is now operational at the Heidelberg Materials cement plant.

This unit will test C-Capture’s unique technology for capturing CO2 from the exhaust gasses produced during cement manufacturing.

C-Capture’s approach is different from existing methods. It avoids using amines, making it cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Additionally, it’s designed to handle the harsh conditions present in these industrial processes.

Tackling hard-to-abate sectors

XLR8 CCS is testing C-Capture’s technology across three challenging industries: waste-to-energy, cement, and glass manufacturing. The project will see a total of six carbon capture trials deployed at partner sites, including Heidelberg Materials, Energy Works Hull, Glass Futures, and Pilkington UK.

Success with XLR8 CCS could position C-Capture and its partners for deploying large-scale carbon capture facilities across these industries by 2030, potentially capturing millions of tons of CO2 annually.

XLR8 CCS has already achieved a first in the UK: demonstrating carbon capture technology in mainstream glass manufacturing at Pilkington UK’s plant. 

This project’s progress was recently highlighted at a roundtable discussion on accelerating decarbonization, attended by a government minister and industry leaders.

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The government is actively supporting the development of a world-leading carbon capture industry in the UK, with potential for creating jobs and economic growth.

C-Capture’s CEO, Tom White, emphasized the importance of decarbonizing industries and how XLR8 CCS is a crucial step in achieving net-zero goals. 

He highlighted the affordability and effectiveness of the technology, even for hard-to-abate industries.

For Heidelberg Materials, carbon capture is a key part of the company’s plan to reduce emissions and reach net zero. It sees this project as an opportunity to develop new technologies and potentially implement them across the company’s other operations.

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