Brinc And CO2CRC Partner To Scale CO2 Removal

Brinc And CO2CRC Partner To Scale CO2 Removal - Carbon Herald
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Global venture accelerator Brinc and CO2CRC, a carbon capture, utilization and storage research body, announced on Jan. 18 a strategic collaboration to support the global deployment of direct air capture (DAC) at CO2CRC’s Otway International Test Center (OITC) in Victoria, Australia.

The collaboration is part of Brinc’s newly introduced 12-week remote Climate Tech Accelerator Program. Set to launch in the beginning of 2023, the program focuses on CO2 removal technology and aims to support promising startups from across the globe.

Selected startups will have the opportunity to access the OITC to validate their DAC technology over the course of at least a two-month period. The companies will also have the option to start testing during the program or access support for as much as 12 months after completion. 

The program targets startups with a working prototype of their CO2 removal technology looking to scale up, get access to mentorship and networking, refine their business model and prepare to pitch.

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The OITC provides an infrastructure to test DAC technology such as monitoring systems and purpose-drilled wells and has the potential to become a DAC testing and demonstration hub. CO2CRC would also be able to audit the startups and aid their evaluation and certification process. 

“Gigaton-scale carbon removal is necessary to reach net zero targets by 2050,” said Manav Gupta, CEO and Founder of Brinc. “There is an urgent need to scale up efforts to reach this goal. Brinc’s new Climate Tech accelerator program is focused on supporting emerging technologies with the resources and a global network to do so. We look forward to seeing what applicants propose to combat this omnipresent issue.”

Brinc and CO2CRC are both members of the DAC Coalition and are committed to supporting global collaboration and deployment to achieve gigaton-scale CO2 removal.

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