Brimstone Energy Is Now The First Producer Of Carbon-Negative Cement

Brimstone Energy Is Now First Producer Of Carbon-Negative Cement - Carbon Herald

Brimstone Energy has become the world’s first producer of carbon-negative Ordinary Portland Cement.

And now, the company may be prepared to scale its revolutionary technology. 

Not only will this new alternative to an otherwise incredibly emission-intensive product provide a sustainable building material that is beneficial to the environment, but it may, in fact, prove to be cheaper than conventional cement. 

Hence, Brimstone may have effectively hit two birds with one stone: solved the issue of raw material scarcity and completely done away with the problem of CO2 emissions. 

The breakthrough has major significance due to the ubiquity of Ordinary Portland Cement, which is the binder in concrete and, thus, a key structural material in buildings. 

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Cement production is also notoriously associated with large quantities of carbon dioxide emissions, contributing some 7.5% of all emissions worldwide – roughly the same amount emitted by cars globally. 

Brimstone’s Ordinary Portland Cement is physically and chemically no different than the kind manufactured using conventional means, only it releases no CO2. 

Moreover, the novel approach sees to it that the produced cement actually sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, making it carbon-negative. 

This is achieved as a result of the production of magnesium species as a byproduct, which absorb carbon passively from the surrounding air. 

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The company just closed its Series A funding round that was co-led by existing investors Breakthrough Energy Ventures and DCVC and raised $55 million to start manufacturing the new carbon-negative Portland Cement at industrial scales.

The funding round also attracted new investors, such as the largest venture capital firm focused on real estate Fifth Wall through its Climate Tech fund and Amazon via its Climate Pledge Fund.

These and other investors will be among the first to obtain early access to Brimstone’s groundbreaking technology. 

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