Brimstone Carbon-Negative Cement Is First To Meet Building Industry Standard

Brimstone Carbon-Negative Cement Is First To Meet Building Industry Standard - Carbon Herald

Brimstone has just achieved an industry milestone by receiving third-party certification that its decarbonized cement meets the ASTM C150 standard for ordinary portland cement.

The news is of critical importance for the construction industry, and particularly for cement production, which is responsible for over 7% of global carbon dioxide emissions. 

As a leader in the field of mitigating industrial emissions, Brimstone has now officially opened the doors wide open for the decarbonization of the construction sector as the first-ever low-carbon, carbon-neutral or carbon-negative cement producer to meet the critical ASTM C150 standard.

Brimstone’s portland cement is carbon-negative, meaning that its production process not only does no emit CO2, but actually ends up eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere. 

As stated by Brimstone co-founder and CEO Cody Finke, the company relies on three fundamental principles when it comes to decarbonizing cement: maintaining the same quality of the material, emitting far less CO2, and keeping costs lower or equal to other alternatives. 

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“Not only will our process slash carbon emissions and compete on price, we’ve now proven that it delivers the exact same material relied on by engineers and builders worldwide—and without forcing millions of construction workers to get retrained to use a new material,” Finke said. 

The company was first founded in 2019 and was the first to develop a carbon-negative process to produce ordinary portland cement (OPC), which is in every respect identical to the production of regular OPC and thus, makes it automatically easy to adopt at a global scale and will accelerate the path to net-zero emissions. 

Since its launch, Brimstone has gained support from leading climate investors, such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Amazon Climate Pledge, Acceler8, and others.

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