Brilliant Planet To Work With Mott MacDonald On Algae Carbon Removal Facility In Morocco

Brilliant Planet To Work With Mott MacDonald On Algae Carbon Removal Facility In Morocco - Carbon Herald

Brilliant Planet, a startup developing an algae-based carbon removal technology, and Mott MacDonald, a global engineering and management consultancy have announced they will be partnering for the development of Brilliant Planet’s CO2 remova facility in Morocco.

“We are currently developing the largest algae production facility in the world (by volume) which will be commissioned in 2024. Together with our partners, we are creating innovative engineering designs that reduce energy demand and environmental footprint throughout the asset lifecycle.” says Mert Yesugey, Brilliant Planet’s Director of Engineering.

Mark Dives, Mott MacDonald Account Leader added, “Negative emissions technologies have an important role to play in limiting global warming and combat the effects of climate change. Brilliant Planet’s method of using marine microalgae to capture and sequester CO2 offers a promising and highly scalable pathway.”

Mott MacDonald will support the Brilliant Planet facility in Akhfennir, Morocco by providing Front End Engineering Design support, as well as the construction process later this year.

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In April 2022 Brilliant Planet announced the closing of its Series A round, which raised $12. The round followed a four-year trial at a 3-hectare facility and the funds are now being used for constructing this 30-hectare site.

After the round was closed Raffael Jovine, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder described the company’s approach as using the empty desert along with seawater to employ underitilized natural resources that grows new biomass that sequesters up to 30 times more carbon per year than rainforests.

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