Boundary Dam Facility Captures 220,000 Tons Of CO2 In Q3

SaskPower Facility Captures 220,000 Tons Of CO2 - Carbon Herald
Boundary Dam Power Station, Estevan, Saskatchewan. Image: TheStuffz/Shutterstock

The Boundary Dam carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility in Canada captured 219,750 metric tons of CO2 during the third quarter of 2022. The power station, owned by SaskPower, was available 94.5% of the time. 

While operational, the station had an average capture rate of 2,500 tons per day, and its peak one-day capture was 2,742 tons. These numbers were released by the company on Oct. 18. 

“This strong performance resulted in an emissions intensity of 436 [metric tons] of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour (CO2/MWh), well within the federal carbon tax threshold of 549 tonnes CO2/MWh,” SaskPower said in a press release.

Boundary Dam’s Unit 3 (BD3) was available 99.5% of the time during the second quarter of this year. BD3 can operate when the CCS site is not online.

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Quarter 2 of 2022 also saw the second straight three-month stretch in which at least 200,000 of carbon dioxide were captured. 

Boundary Dam’s acid plant was available 80.4% of the time during the third quarter, resulting in 1,469.7 tons of sulfuric acid produced, which is significantly higher than the established targets, SaskPower reported. Sulfuric acid has many potential industrial uses and can be a revenue source for the electric utility corporation. 

The Boundary Dam site will be down for a two-week planned maintenance outage this month, SaskPower informed. 

Since Unit 3 went online in 2014, a bit over 4.8 million tons of carbon dioxide – or 600,000 tons per year – were prevented from entering the atmosphere as of the end of last month.

The carbon capture facility has captured 556,332 tons of CO2 as of September 2022. 

Boundary Dam, which is the only carbon capture and storage installation on a large coal power plant, failed to meet its CO2 capture target last year.

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