Boost Carbon Removal Demand With Stripe Climate Fellows

Boost Carbon Removal Demand With Stripe Climate Fellows - Carbon Herald

To effectively fight climate change, a massive boost in carbon removal is required, which has led to the launch of a new initiative called Stripe Climate Fellows.

While Stripe Climate has made it easy for businesses to contribute, and Frontier‘s $1 billion commitment, launched back in 2022, is a big step in the right direction, demand still falls far short of the ~$20 billion goal by 2030.

Just like solutions on the supply side, namely, technologies designed to remove residual CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, we need a variety of approaches to increase demand.

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These include encouraging people and organizations to buy carbon removal. These approaches can be voluntary or policy-driven, focus on paying for results (“pay-for-tons”) or for specific practices (“pay-for-practice”), and work at different levels ranging from state to national and international.

To accelerate innovation in this area, Stripe Climate Fellows was launched and is currently accepting applications.

Are you passionate and have a plan to significantly increase demand for carbon removal by 2030? 

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The initiative is looking for exceptional individuals with ambitious yet practical proposals that will help significantly increase demand for carbon removal by 2030?

Selected fellows will receive grant funding (covering salary and other expenses) for one year to put their plan into action, starting September 2024.

Applications can be submitted here by July 15th, 2024.

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