Boomitra Named As Earthshot Prize Winner In Climate Category

Boomitra Named As Earthshot Prize Winner In Climate Category - Carbon Herald

On November 7, 2023, HRH Prince William announced climate innovator Boomitra as the Earthshot Prize winner in the ‘Fix Our Climate’ category. The company’s innovative and inspiring solutions to contemporary environmental challenges have earned it this prestigious award.

The mission behind the Earthshot Prize is to find new solutions to the world’s biggest environmental problems. Launched by Prince William in 2020, the initiative aims to identify and amplify groundbreaking approaches to solving the planet’s most pressing ecological issues.

The search for the 2023 winners began in December 2022, and after a global 9-month search, Boomitra emerged among the finalists from a pool of 1,100 nominations.

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The term Boomitra, derived from Sanskrit meaning “friend of the earth”, perfectly encapsulates their mission to promote environmentally friendly farming and ranching practices. The initiative aims to reward farmers and ranchers who adopt regenerative land management practices that capture and store carbon in the soil.

The company is already working with 150,000 farmers and ranchers, managing 5 million acres of land across Africa, South America, and Asia. As a result of this effort, Boomitra offers companies and governments a chance to offset their emissions by purchasing verified third-party carbon credits from Boomitra’s marketplace.

One of the key features that sets Boomitra apart from other carbon credit marketplaces is its commitment to ensuring that the majority of revenue generated from the sale of credits goes directly to the farmer, rancher, or landowner.

The Earthshot Prize Council, chaired by Paris Agreement architect Christiana Figueres DBE, relied on the evaluation carried out by a panel of 59 scientific, academic, and subject-matter experts who selected this year’s class of 15 Prize Finalists, with Boomitra standing out as the ultimate winner in the ‘Fix Our Climate’ category.

In a press release, the company announced that being named the Earthshot Prize winner will allow it to grow its presence in other countries and support farmers and ranchers in implementing sustainable agricultural practices.

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