BlueLayer Streamlines Operations Of Carbon Project Developer Permian Global

BlueLayer Streamlines Operations Of Carbon Project Developer Permian Global - Carbon Herald

Permian Global, the third largest carbon project developer by issuance, has teamed up with platform provider BlueLayer to enhance the full spectrum of its operations with a centralized system that supports inventory management, data gathering and generating insights.

With projects from Brazil and Colombia in South America and Malaysia and Indonesia (including the flagship REDD+ Katingan Mentaya project in Kalimantan), Permian faces a number of challenges related to growing at scale while meeting a mutltitude of standards.

“Our operations are scaling in terms of size and more importantly, complexity. To ensure we are ready for sustainable and continued success, it was important for us to find a partner that gives us piece of mind and shares our dedication to excellence and quality,” says Edward Rumsey, Managing Partner of Permian Global.

One of the main improvements that BlueLayer’s customized inventory and distribution provided was the elimination of manual data entry by establishing a connection with their registry. This also led to the creation of flexible frameworks that will allow for the implementation of any future scientific and regulatory standards across projects.

Photo: Provided by Permian Global via BlueLayer

Scalability stems from two of the key components of BlueLayer’s system – its centralization and its automatic synchronization. With a live connection between Permian’s different systems, as well as integrations with registries, this allows credit inventory to be monitored, ensuring oversight over the complete sales process without any manual work.

“Our collaboration with Permian has enabled their continued growth, cementing their world leading position and empowering their operations. BlueLayer is proving its value for developers at all stages, and we plan to continue sharing this work in similar case studies,” says Vivian Bertseka, Head of Climate & COO at BlueLayer.

BlueLayer worked in close cooperation with the Permian team on selecting the particular features that were needed, migrating data to the former’s platform and synhcronizing with every single team involved – operations, sales, finance, and legal.

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