BlueLayer Announces $10M In Funding For End-to-end Carbon Project Developer Platform

BlueLayer Announces $10M In Funding For End-to-end Carbon Project Developer Platform - Carbon Herald
The founders of BlueLayer (left to right) – Alexander Argyros, Gerardo Bonilla and Vivian Bertseka. Image: BlueLayer

European startup BlueLayer has just exited stealth mode after raising $10M to develop an all-in-one solution for carbon project developers who need to digitize and simplify their credit management, as well as achieving certification and transparency.

The company’s pre-seed round came in 2022 from over 50 individual investors with experience from organizations like Generation Investment Management, KKR Climate, ICE NYSE and Bloomberg NEF, all seeing the potential of developing a platform that addresses multiple critical issues for project developers.

The initial funding was followed by a $5.6M seed round led by Point Nine, a European Software VC, followed by additional funding from families and individuals who have experience in carbon markets.

The team behind BlueLayer is led by CEO Alexander Argyros, Co-Founder of Moonfare, COO and Head of Climate Vivian Bertseka, Founding Partner of Just Climate and CPO Gerardo Bonilla, former Head of Product at Moonfare.

Commenting on the announcement Argyros says – “We’ve strategically aligned with the true change-makers on the ground: carbon project developers. Our focus is singular – one customer base, without the complexity of multiple roles or the need to charge hefty commissions on credit sales. Furthermore, BlueLayer is supported by over 50 industry veterans, subject matter experts and climate leaders, who together form an unparalleled community available to our customers. This alignment and focus not only fosters trust but also sets us apart — a point of difference highly valued by our customers.”

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During its stealth period BlueLayer worked closely with several of the world’s largest and best-funded project developers with the goal of understanding their critical pain points and bottlenecks. A range of challenges throughout project and order management, as well as stakeholder communication were identified and the platform’s design is tailored towards addressing them.

Vivian Bertseka, COO and Head of Climate – “Having spent the past decade investing in climate solutions, including working closely with both nature-based and industrial climate projects, I have an appreciation for the challenges that the industry is facing. BlueLayer helps the most important actors in the carbon markets, the developers, that are on the ground driving carbon removal, protecting nature, and restoring ecosystems. Their work is not easy and while software won’t solve all of their problems, BlueLayer aspires to become a trusted partner that can help them navigate the many unrecognised challenges of scaling projects.”

The addressable market for the startup is broad with BlueLayer already working with projects involved in reforestation, forest conservation and peatland restoration, as well as more nascent carbon removal approaches like direct air capture and enhanced rock weathering.

The funding from this latest round will be directed towards developing more platform features that will help carbon project developers, as well as expanding the company’s teams in Berlin, London and Athens.

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