Biotechnology For A Circular Bioeconomy Conference To Take Place March 28-29th

Biotechnology For A Circular Bioeconomy Conference To Take Place March 28-29th - Carbon Herald
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Carbon capture technologies are taking a central role in the biotechnology and circular economy. The European Federation of Biotechnology and Asian Federation of Biotechnology are hosting a virtual conference that focuses on “Biotechnology for a circular bioeconomy: carbon capture, waste recycling and mitigation of global warming.”

The event is taking place Tuesday and Wednesday, Mar 28 – 29th at 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (EET). The registration fee is 38 euro ($40.69) and registrations can be submitted here

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The organizations hosting the conference are not-for-profit and working to promote biotechnology throughout Europe, Asia and beyond. The European Federation of Biotechnology acts as the independent “Voice of Biotechnology in Europe”, promoting the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of fundamental research and innovation in life sciences. On the green side, its member activities focus on plant, food, agriculture and environmental biotechnology. 

Credit: AFOB – EFB

The event will explore the recent research on the circular bioeconomy in the following topics:

  • carbon capture for energy, products and proteins 
  • from waste and wastewater to valuable products
  • biotechnology to mitigate climate change and global warming
  • towards a circular bioeconomy: progress and bottlenecks.

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Some of the speakers at the events will be top European and Asian scientists, including Michael Köpke from LanzaTech, USA. There will be a job board at the conference and an opportunity for attendants to share their CV with the participating business partners.

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