Biodel AG And Carbon Asset Solutions Partner To Expand Offerings In Carbon Farming

Biodel AG And Carbon Asset Solutions Partner To Expand Offerings In Carbon Farming - Carbon Herald

Biodel Ag, Inc., a US carbon project developer focused on regenerative agriculture, and Carbon Asset Solutions Ltd., a carbon registry and leading MRV provider, announced a strategic partnership to deliver accurate carbon credit measurement and regenerative carbon programming as an integrated service offering.

Biodel Ag will initially target 50,000 acres of carbon projects in the Western US in 2024. Biodel’s Regenerative Carbon Program, based on CAS’s robust carbon credit measurement solution, simplifies the process of carbon accumulation while generating greater income per acre.

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“At Biodel, we view measurement accuracy as the most important factor in valuing carbon for the voluntary carbon market,” said CEO Ben Cloud. “Our collaboration with CAS achieves this objective by providing higher value credits that generate greater net revenue for the Landowner.”

According to CAS Director Robin Woodward, “Using a digital MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) platform, our soil scanner assesses carbon levels in farmland more accurately and swiftly than other methods. We look forward to providing Biodel’s customers a more accurate carbon credit measurement process to meet their financial and carbon sequestration targets.”

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Biodel’s Regenerative Carbon Program offers landowners and operators several benefits, from cost savings to more efficient monitoring. There are no upfront costs, measurement results are available immediately and stored digitally. Additionally, the program allows customers to retain independence as far as the ability to choose their input and practice changes. Ultimately, the program is designed to restore soil health and function with measurable correlation to agronomic support, practice changes, and higher average yields.

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