Biochar Life To Reduce Emissions Of Trina’s Concierge & Catering’s Deliveries

Biochar Life To Reduce Emissions Of Trina’s Concierge & Catering's Deliveries - Carbon Herald
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Biochar Life – an impact venture of Warm Heart Worldwide, a passionate community-driven nonprofit organization, and Trina’s Concierge & Catering (TCC), a US-based food delivery business, announced a partnership to increase sustainability in food deliveries.

Through the partnership, all deliveries made by TCC will be offset by the purchase of carbon removal credits from the biochar producer. Biochar Life is an initiative that supports the development of biochar production and application in developing regions to reduce emissions in agriculture and increase crop yield. 

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Smallholder farmers are trained by the company not to burn their crop waste in open fires but rather produce biochar out of it. The biochar produced from agricultural waste saves the emissions from burning, increases soil fertility and allows for the generation of carbon credits which increase farmers income. 

“Through our partnership with Trina’s Concierge & Catering, we are not just offsetting carbon emissions; we are redefining the essence of responsible business. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision for a sustainable future, where every delivery carries with it the promise of a greener planet and support for communities in need. Together, we are driving change, one delivery at a time,” commented Jason Highberger, CEO of Biochar Life.

The partnership will also provide the opportunity for businesses ordering from TCC to offset their emissions through reliable carbon removals while also contributing to the wellbeing of communities in developing regions.

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“Partnering with Biochar Life embodies our commitment to not only serve our clients but to also care for our planet… The team is proud to join forces with them, ensuring our services lead to a positive impact far beyond the dining table,” also commented Trina, Founder of Trina’s Concierge & Catering.

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