New Investment From Biochar Life To Accelerate Adoption Among Small Farmers In Africa

Biochar Life New Investment Will Accelerate Biochar Among Small Farmers In Africa - Carbon Herald

Biochar Life – a public benefit corporation that produces biochar and supports smallholder farmers in developing countries, announced on November 23rd its strategic partnership through an investment from Ground Up Investing (GUI), the impact investment arm of Corus International. 

The companies are committed to unlocking the potential of agribusinesses to drive systemic change in rural economies. The partnership aims to harness the power of smallholder farmers in the global fight to reduce poverty while simultaneously acting on climate change and sustainability.

The collaboration’s objectives are to:

  • Expand Impact – amplify the use of biochar among smallholders in Africa.
  • Push Regional Growth – collaboratively support Biochar Life’s expansionary endeavors across Africa.
  • Deliver Social and Financial Impact – deepen the socio-economic footprint for smallholder farmers and their communities.

Biochar Life was launched by Warm Heart Worldwide organization in 2022. Warm Heart is a community-driven nonprofit organization that aims to alleviate poverty in world communities. The organization created its biochar solution over 10 years ago by training a community of farmers in northern Thailand to make biochar from crop waste rather than burn it in their fields. 

It has managed to help more than 10,000 farmers across rural villages in Asia and Africa which is a tremendous success making a change in the lives of those who need help to survive. Applying biochar by farmers in developing countries has multiple benefits – from providing a new revenue stream from biochar credits purchases for farmers instead of just burning that crop waste, to reducing emissions and increasing soil health and thus crop produce. Higher crop productivity fights hunger and increases revenues.

Biochar Life is currently selling its carbon removal credits on the marketplace platform Carbonfutures with around 77 tCO2e still available from its portfolio. 

“Our investment in Biochar Life is more than just a financial commitment. It’s a testament to our belief in the potential of innovative solutions being built by young companies to drive tangible social and environmental impact. Biochar Life’s mission aligns seamlessly with GUI’s goal of supporting ventures that create sustainable, positive impacts at the grassroots level,” said Jeremy Bauman, Executive Director of Ground Up Investing.

“This partnership is a monumental step forward in our journey. With the backing of Ground Up Investing and the broader Corus organization, we are poised to scale our efforts, drive meaningful change, and further our mission of environmental stewardship and community upliftment in Africa,” commented on the investment Jason Highberger, CEO of Biochar Life.

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