Biochar Life Is Helping Farmers Double Their Income While Saving The Planet

Biochar Life Is Helping Farmers Double Their Income While Saving The Planet - Carbon Herald

Biochar Life is on a mission to remove 1 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2030, while at the same time improving the lives of thousands of smallholder farmers around the world. 

The company focuses on the production of artisanal biochar as one of the most durable and reliable means of tackling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions available to date. 

Founded in 2022 by Warm Heart Worldwide, Biochar Life strives to support smallholder farmers in the developing world, with its operations spread out across Southeast Asia and Africa.

“We want to help smallholder farmers improve their livelihoods economically by helping them access carbon removal markets and sell their credits,” Jason Highberger, CEO and co-founder of Biochar Life, told Carbon Herald during an interview on the Carbonsations podcast.

The income from selling carbon removal credits helps farmers reduce poverty, increase healthcare, improve food and water security, as well as benefit the environment.

“The compensation farmers receive often doubles their yearly income,” Highberger added.

As part of the company’s efforts, farmers are encouraged to not burn their crop waste, and are, instead, taught to make biochar and certify the amount of CO2 removed from the air in the process. 

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At the moment, biochar is the single most prevalent carbon removal pathway represented in the voluntary carbon market (VCM), with a 89% share of all retired carbon credits in 2022.

Even so, Highberger believes this sector still has plenty of room to grow and continue to scale, but one of the main challenges it’s facing is its current price point.

“If we could get pricing of biochar carbon credits to be on par with some of the other durable carbon removal solutions like direct air capture (DAC), this would help us scale significantly. A higher price would also help us continue to improve on verification,” Highberger said.

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