BHP Group And ArcelorMittal Partner On Carbon Capture In Steel 

BHP Group And ArcelorMittal Partner On Carbon Capture In Steel - Carbon Herald
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BHP Group will work together with steelmaker company ArcelorMittal to try new technology to bring down CO2 emissions in steelmaking at two sites in Belgium and North America. 

The trials will happen at the ArcelorMittal-owned Gent steel plant in Belgium and another plant in North America. Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering developed the CO2 capture technology for the project, while Mitsubishi Development Pty is involved as a supplier of steel-making coal. 

The steel industry is responsible for 7 to 9% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, or 3 billion metric tons of CO2 per year. 

“What’s really interesting in this partnership is that (…) it is not a desktop exercise but a real-world application in an operational plant,” BHP’s Chief Commercial Officer Vandita Pant told Reuters.

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BHP group, which is the world’s biggest mining company, produced over 37 million tons of steel-making metallurgical coal by the end of its financial year in June.

Major miners team up with tech companies to reduce the carbon footprint in the high-emitting industry. In addition to the new partnership with ArcelorMittal, BHP also works together with India-based Tata Steel, which uses biomass as an energy source.

“There isn’t a silver bullet, there isn’t one path or technology for low-carbon emissions in steelmaking,” Pant said. “We are covering many different technologies and geographies with these partnerships (…) to enable lower GHG emissions steel and support the reduction of carbon intensity in blast furnaces.” 

Last year, ArcelorMittal revealed their climate targets to bring down company emissions by 25% by 2030 in line with their ambition to reach net zero by 2050. To achieve that, they estimate that an investment of $10 billion will be required. 

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