BeZero Revolutionizes Carbon Credit Tracking With New Tool

BeZero Revolutionizes Carbon Credit Tracking With New Tool - Carbon Herald

BeZero Carbon, a leading carbon ratings agency, has just announced the launch of its innovative new credit evaluation tool.

This instrument is designed to revolutionize carbon credit tracking by providing customers with a risk-adjusted mechanism that allows them to construct credible decarbonization strategies in line with their net-zero priorities. 

The mechanism relies on BeZero’s unique discounting methodology, which enables the effective management of CO2 credit portfolios.

With this tool, users can calculate the quantity of credits of a specific quality that they would need to either purchase or retire in order to make credible tonne-based carbon offset or reduction claims.

This functionality offers a clear and practical solution to individuals and organizations looking to take meaningful action in combating climate change.

By launching this new tool, BeZero wants to offer buyers the opportunity to better comprehend the over-purchasing factor required to make accurate and quantitative carbon claims. This is essential for ensuring transparency and accuracy in the carbon credit market, ultimately leading to more impactful carbon offsetting projects.

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In their effort to reduce the risk associated with purchasing carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market, the company has released a range of additional credit evaluation tools that review credits from both emerging and established projects.

One such tool is the newly launched Scorecard, which is an innovative instrument designed to help purchasers evaluate both early-stage and ongoing projects, letting them self-assess the carbon risk.

Other instruments include the first-ever public ex ante rating as well as the ex post rating, launched back in 2022.

So far, BeZero has evaluated over 360 projects across the globe to gauge their ability to prevent or eliminate one metric ton of carbon.

This thorough and comprehensive approach to project assessment has allowed for a deeper understanding of the potential impact of various sustainability initiatives, and has provided valuable guidance for those seeking solutions for an environmentally conscious future.

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