BeZero Makes Carbon Ratings Accessible On Bloomberg Terminal

BeZero Makes Carbon Ratings Accessible On Bloomberg Terminal - Carbon Herald

BeZero Carbon is making its ratings of carbon projects available to all Bloomberg Terminal users in a move that enhances the accessibility of carbon ratings, which is crucial for informing emerging carbon markets.

Assessing the quality of carbon credits through ratings is vital for effective climate action and scaling carbon market analysis, the London-based carbon ratings agency said in a statement Thursday.

BeZero Carbon offers a risk-based assessment of a carbon project’s likelihood of avoiding or removing one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), using an eight-point scale from AAA (highest likelihood) to D (lowest likelihood).

This system helps market participants evaluate the quality of their carbon credit investments.

BeZero Carbon has broadened the availability of its scientific risk assessments by integrating its analytics into the Bloomberg Terminal, boosting market transparency and providing essential data for making informed net-zero decisions.

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Via the prompts {BZRO <GO>} and {DSET Carbon_Offset_Projects <GO>}, Bloomberg Terminal users, including corporates and institutions, can now view climate risk assessments for hundreds of carbon projects.

They can filter results by vintage, project rating, registry, sector, and more to identify the most impactful projects.

As market participants are exploring new opportunities in the voluntary carbon market, the collaboration with BeZero Carbon allows Bloomberg Terminal users to monitor carbon ratings and offset quality, Emilie Gallagher, Global Head of Commodities, FX, and Macroeconomics at Bloomberg, said in a comment.

Research using transacted price data from the Xpansiv CBL market shows that BeZero Carbon ratings of ‘A’ or above command a price premium approximately 200% higher than other BeZero-rated credits in late 2023.

Sebastien Cross, Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of BeZero Carbon, called the integration of their carbon ratings into Bloomberg Terminal a “huge landmark”, validating the company’s approach and ultimately encouraging investment in impactful climate projects.

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