BeZero Carbon & ZeroSix To Enhance Carbon Investment Opportunities

BeZero Carbon & ZeroSix To Enhance Carbon Investment Opportunities - Carbon Herald

The voluntary carbon market (VCM) is about to gain a new trusty platform for offset solutions, as net-zero emissions ambassador ZeroSix teams up with CO2 credit rating agency BeZero to generate new independently rated carbon investment opportunities.

The partnership came about amid ZeroSix’ preparations to launch the first batch of transparent, high-quality carbon credits on the VCM. 

As the company aims to build initial trust in investors, it chose to collaborate with an esteemed independent rating agency with the rank of BeZero, relying on their professional assessment to demonstrate the premium level of ZeroSix’ services.

Set on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ZeroSix is working on launching a digital platform offering investment choices which encourage oil and gas companies to halt operations at their most environmentally-damaging wells early and convert unused oil and gas into high-quality carbon credits.

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The company plans to generate credits that will prevent the production of 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by the end of 2023.

BeZero strives to create a functional ecosystem within the VCM, based on an independently verified information infrastructure. The strategic partnership with ZeroSix will expand the market by introducing more trustworthy, risk-free decarbonization options to help decision-makers pursue calculated net-zero solutions. 

The CEO and co-founder of BeZero Tommy Ricketts commented on the joint project, sharing that the company is delighted to partner with ZeroSix. He went on to add: “The more actors are able to make risk-assessments the more confident they’ll be in channeling their capital into the most productive credits. It all starts with clean data and strict rules from Standard Bodies.”

The first evaluation of ZeroSix carbon credits by BeZero is expected to be published with the launch of those credits in Q3 2023.

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