BeZero Carbon Launches Innovative Regenerative Agriculture Credit System

BeZero Carbon Launches Innovative Regenerative Agriculture Credit System - Carbon Herald

BeZero Carbon made a groundbreaking announcement yesterday with the launch of their innovative regenerative agriculture credit rating system.

This development comes in response to the growing recognition of the role that agriculture can play in combating climate change.

The ratings from BeZero Carbon play a crucial role in expanding emerging sectors within carbon markets, offering important information on the advantages and challenges of projects for investors and buyers looking to support climate solutions.

The leading global agency has now turned its focus to the agricultural sector, where the new project evaluation system aims to rate and reward carbon credit initiatives that prioritize soil health and CO2 sequestration. 

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Teresa Hartmann, the Chief Ratings Officer at BeZero Carbon, expressed her excitement about being able to offer the first-ever rating for a regenerative agricultural sub-sector, in addition to over 430 ratings for projects in various sub-sectors. 

She stated, “This sector is crucial to mitigate emissions from global food productions, and the independent, risk-based ratings help investors have the confidence to channel capital into projects that can deliver the greatest environmental impact.” 

Unbiased, external evaluations from BeZero Carbon enhance investor trust in the industry, aiding stakeholders in determining the potential success of the regenerative agriculture initiatives they support in reducing carbon emissions. This increased confidence from investors results in increased funding for scalable solutions necessary to achieve climate goals.

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The innovative rating mechanism represents a major milestone for sustainable farming practices. While past projects mainly targeted reducing methane emissions, the focus is now shifting towards promoting regenerative agriculture initiatives, with a wave of new projects expected to enter the market soon.

The first evaluation under the new system was conducted on a project in North America, which received a BBB rating, indicating a reasonable chance of successfully removing or avoiding a tonne of CO2. 

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