BeZero Carbon And senken Partner To Host Ratings On The Carbon Credit Marketplace  

BeZero Carbon And senken Partner To Host Ratings On the Carbon Credit Marketplace - Carbon Herald

BeZero Carbon, an international ratings agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market, and senken, the first open on-chain CO2 credit marketplace in the world, have partnered to host the BeZero Carbon Rating and rating summary on senken’s platform. 

Using the BeZero Carbon Application Programming Interface (API) technology, senken will provide BeZero Carbon credit ratings for over 250 carbon projects globally. 

“Momentum in the Voluntary Carbon Market continues to build and global standards are starting to emerge to define quality on both the supply and demand sides of the market,” said Adrian Wons, Co-Founder and CEO of Senken. “However, the market will not scale effectively without access to high-quality information. senken and BeZero Carbon share a commitment to improving market transparency and efficiency. This partnership is an important step in further broadening access to data and analytics so that all users on the senken platform can participate in the market with confidence.”

“The Voluntary Carbon Market needs effective liquidity and information infrastructure to scale effectively,” said Tommy Ricketts, CEO and Co-founder of BeZero Carbon. “Our partnership with senken is the latest example of working with other start-ups to make this a reality. The shared objective is to ensure carbon credits achieve their aim of accelerating the transition to net zero.”

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The newly established senken marketplace gives access to tokenized CO2 credits from verified climate projects. On the platform, clients can explore those projects, and buy and manage carbon credits. The company stores its information through decentralized on-chain CO2 infrastructure, allowing CO2 markets data availability, traceability, and liquidity. With its platform, senken aims to simplify the complexity of blockchain technology and offer a transparent and effective interface.

BeZero’s mission is to create prosperity through climate action. Founded in 2020, the company offers ratings and research for the Voluntary Carbon Market and builds the information architecture for ecosystem markets. 

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