BeZero Carbon And CORE Markets Unite In A Transparency Partnership

BeZero Carbon And CORE Markets Unite In A Transparency Partnership - Carbon Herald

The outlook for investing in carbon offset projects appears optimistic as carbon credit rating agency BeZero Carbon and green solutions platform CORE Markets announce a strategic transparency partnership.

The two companies share a vision of a reliable and accessible voluntary carbon market where stakeholders can make informed decisions based on verified information and traceable supply chains while working on reshaping business processes on their journey towards net zero targets.

CORE Markets, a comprehensive partner for businesses in markets, technology, and climate solutions, was established by Renewable Energy Hub and TFS Green APAC in October 2022.

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The driving force behind their operations is scaling climate action by reducing access barriers to global carbon and energy markets and promoting understandable knowledge and accountable decarbonization processes.

Having more than 20 years of experience and know-how in the energy and environmental markets, the CORE Markets team combines the versatile skill set of its members into a SAAS platform, offering businesses corporate net zero services, project optimization services, and corporate and industrial brokerage services.

An important challenge that businesses encounter when trying to curb their carbon emissions is the uncertainty regarding the source and the magnitude of the effects of the offsetting opportunities available in the voluntary carbon market. This is the issue BeZero Carbon addresses by independently rating carbon credits and analyzing the risk of offset investment opportunities.

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The combined effort of these two companies is sure to generate authentic emission-neutralizing products on the market.

For end-clients, this collaboration translates into being able to see the BeZero Carbon rating for projects listed on the CORE Markets platform, helping them to evaluate every option before making a purchase.

On this novel platform, customers will be able to assess, buy, and list carbon projects for sale risk-free, which, in the long term, is expected to incentivize businesses to make bigger climate-aware investments.

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