BeZero Carbon Added By Salesforce To Its Net Zero Marketplace

BeZero Carbon Added By Salesforce To Its Net Zero Marketplace - Carbon Herald
Source: Vitalii Vodolazskyi via Shutterstock

Global ratings agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market BeZero Carbon has joined the Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace to bring more transparency to carbon credits.

Net Zero Marketplace is a hub that allows businesses and organizations to buy carbon credits in an informed, reliable manner. 

This climate action hub provides buyers with the tools necessary to the exact carbon credits and carbon projects that are best suited for their priorities. 

By joining this initiative, BeZero Carbon will provide to Salesforce its independent evaluation of how likely it is that a carbon credit will remove or avoid the amount of CO2 it claims to. 

This evaluation is known as the BeZero Carbon Rating, and as of now, it is available on Net Zero Marketplace, giving market participants the opportunity to compare assets, judge their quality and make informed purchase decisions. 

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