Beer Shortage On The Horizon Due To Lack of CO2

Beer Shortage On The Horizon Due To Lack of CO2 - Carbon Herald
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The US is currently facing the risk of a beer shortage as a lack of CO2 is becoming ever more evident.

To a great extent, the shortages of carbon dioxide have been linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the vast quantities of dry ice, which is frozen CO2, that was required for the transport of vaccines all throughout 2021. 

The increased demand put pressure on the carbon dioxide market and saw prices on the gas surge. 

Another factor that has had an effect on the CO2 supply were lockdowns, as they saw a decrease in gasoline consumption and, by extension, in the consumption of ethanol, a byproduct of which is carbon dioxide. 

Hence, less consumption has led to less CO2 output. 

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Now, the limited supply of CO2 is already worrying businesses in the food and beverage industry, particularly breweries, as carbon dioxide is a key ingredient in most beers to give them that distinct fizz. 

The gas is also used by brewers in other parts of the beer making process, making its constrained supply all the more concerning and telling on an impending beer shortage. 

And to make matters worse, one of the natural sources and leading supply for many brewers of CO2 in the US, near Jackson Dome in Mississippi, has been contaminated by an extinct volcano. 

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According to statistics from Top Data, beer consumption in 2022 increased by 53% compared to 2021 and beer sales have jumped 25% since 2020. 

Smaller breweries are already suffering the effect of CO2 shortages and have been forced to close some of their facilities, like in the case of Nightshift Brewery in Everett.

Another brewer, Aeronaut Brewing is now desperately searching for ways to cut back on CO2 use, including carbon capture systems.

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