BayoTech, CarbonFree Will Explore Green Hydrogen With Carbon Capture

BayoTech, CarbonFree Will Explore Green Hydrogen With Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald

The sprint towards low-cost, zero-emissions hydrogen is just getting started. BayoTech – the sustainable hydrogen producer and CarbonFree – the carbon capture technology private company are partnering to develop a pilot hydrogen production site with carbon capture.

The deal aims to integrate CarbonFree’s carbon capture technology into the hydrogen production process of BayoTech in order to bring green hydrogen to market. According to BayoTech, the new process would deliver the most affordable green hydrogen available today. 

The company is looking for a low-cost solution to foster the hydrogen economy and move it towards mass deployment. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with BayoTech to help bring low carbon intensity hydrogen to market…Our hope is that this collaboration will be part of the energy transformation we need to attack climate change,” said Martin Keighley, CEO of CarbonFree.

CarbonFree Carbon Capture Technology

CarbonFree’s carbon capture utilization and storage technology is called SkyCycle™. It captures the CO2 emissions from carbon-emitting plants around the world. The emissions are then mineralized for the purpose of permanent storage or creating products like calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and hydrochloric acid (HCl). 

The company also operates SkyMine – the world’s first and largest industrial-scale carbon mineralization facility. The SkyMine plant captures up to 50,000 tons of CO2 every year from cement flue gas and transforms it into carbon-negative baking soda. 

The collaboration with BayoTech is a signal that the company is ready to implement its technology on a larger scale in order to address the need for decarbonizing the economy. CarbonFree also announced another partnership earlier this year with TETRA – a producer of calcium chloride, to make commercial, carbon negative chemicals. 

The partnership between CarbonFree and BayoTech is a part of the energy transition towards low-emissions fuel alternatives. The continuous innovation in the sector is the key to making carbon capture and green hydrogen technologies affordable so they can achieve the goal of replacing fossil-fuels.

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