BASF To Supply Carbon Capture Tech For Blue Hydrogen, Ammonia Demonstration Project In Japan

BASF To Supply Carbon Capture Tech For Blue Hydrogen, Ammonia Demonstration Project In Japan - Carbon Herald

BASF Japan Ltd announced yesterday that it will be supplying INPEX Corporation with carbon capture technology for its first blue hydrogen and ammonia plant in Japan. The technology has been named HiPACT® and relies on high-pressure regenerative carbon capture which was developed jointly by BASF and a partner from Japan – JGC Corporation.

HiPACT® works by releasing carbon dioxidet off gas above atmospheric pressure. This method is set to lower carbon capture costs by up to 35% compared to other conventional approaches because of its superior high-temperature durability and carbon absorption performance.

Mami Kawakatsu, Head of Sales, Intermediates Division of BASF Japan, said: “Following the successful use of BASF’s OASE® gas treating technology in another NEDO-funded CCS project in Tomakomai, Japan, we are pleased to provide HiPACT for Japan’s first demonstration project to produce blue hydrogen and ammonia from domestic natural gas.”

HiPACT® will be used to capture and recover CO2 in the process gas from a hydrogen production plant which uses domestic natural gas as its feedstock.

Recovered CO2 will be transported and injected in depleted natural gas fields using an enhanced gas recovery method.

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The INPEX facility is located in Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture and its construction has been assigned to the aforementioned JGC Japan Corporation. It will become operational in 2025 and is Japan’s first demonstration project involving carbon capture from a blue hydrogen/ammonia production plant.

The project is another indication of Japan’s shift away from fossil fuels and its growing interest in hydrogen as part of its energy mix.

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