Baker Hughes And Borg CO2 To Develop A New Carbon Capture And Storage Cluster

Baker Hughes And Borg CO2 To Develop A New Carbon Capture And Storage Cluster - Carbon Herald

Baker Hughes and Borg CO2 – a Norwegian carbon capture and storage developer, announced signing a memorandum of understanding for the development of a carbon capture and storage hub in the Viken region of Norway. 

The hub will serve to decarbonize the industrial emitters which would support Norway’s net zero ambitions. The two companies plan to develop a CO2 capture, liquefaction, and transportation for a waste-to-energy plant in Sarpsborg and use Baker Hughes’ technology for industrial sites in Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, and Halden.

“Today, industrial clusters represent around 20% of Europe’s CO2 emissions. Meaningful decarbonization is not possible without carbon capture, utilization and storage, and this collaboration demonstrates how CCUS technology is accelerating from concept toward commercialization with real-world impact,” said Rod Christie, an executive vice president at Baker Hughes. 

The project includes several industry partners along with the Port of Borg. The combined industrial cluster in the area currently emits around 700,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year and the CCS infrastructure could capture around 90% of those emissions. Baker Hughes and Borg CO2 plan to liquify the captured CO2, ship it and eventually store it underneath the seabed of the North Sea. 

Carbon Capture And Storage Partnerships And Opportunities

Borg CO2 announced in April this year a new partnership with the Northern Lights joint venture – the first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. The company will use a Northern Lights-operated ship for the transport of the carbon dioxide to the intermediate storage terminal at Øygarden.

The company and its partners have already completed a first feasibility study and are proceeding with an extended feasibility study (pre-FEED) expected to be finished by the end of 2021. Baker Hughes and Borg CO2 plan to pursue grant and incentive opportunities in Norway and the EU for the development of the carbon capture plant.

One of the incentives for Baker Hughes to participate in the industrial cluster project is the opportunity it presents to test its new carbon capture technology. The tech includes advanced turbomachinery, solvent-based state-of-the-art capture processes, well construction and management for CO2 storage, and advanced digital monitoring solutions.  

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