Baker Hughes Acquires Mosaic Materials To Accelerate Carbon Capture Tech

Baker Hughes Acquires Mosaic Materials To Accelerate Carbon Capture Tech - Carbon Herald

Baker Hughes – the energy and industrial major, has acquired carbon capture technology company Mosaic Materials Inc. to further develop and scale its next-generation technology for CO2 reduction.

Mosaic’s inventions include a proprietary adsorbent material that acts like a sponge to selectively capture CO2 from stationary sources and from Mosaic’s direct air capture tech. 

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It is characterized by high capacity and high selectivity for capturing carbon emissions in a metal-organic framework.

Baker Hughes will add the company to its existing portfolio of carbon solutions as it wants to deploy the most advanced technologies to serve companies with cleaner solutions.

It also plans to draw from its existing advanced capabilities like modular design and material science, to develop and scale direct air capture. Mosaic’s solution enables the DAC technology to capture CO2 with significantly less energy for operation and provides a lower total cost of ownership.

“Removing carbon through a multi-pronged approach, including direct air capture, is critical to overcoming climate change… This is why we are investing in several emerging technologies, including Mosaic Materials, to develop a comprehensive and diversified portfolio that can significantly and efficiently reduce as well as eliminate CO2, across multiple industries, including hard-to-abate sectors,” said Rod Christie, executive vice president of Turbomachinery & Process Solutions at Baker Hughes. 

Mosaic’s DAC technology can serve a variety of sectors across the energy and industrial value chain, including refining, aviation, shipping, municipalities, steel, and cement. It can even work in tandem with emissions controls to lower the aggregate amount of CO2 that is emitted. 

According to the CEO of Mosaic Materials, Nathan Gilliland, the company’s technology can enable direct air capture more efficiently than other offerings on the market. According to him, Baker Hughes will help the company with the additional engineering expertise required to commercialize the technology.

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Baker Hughes is dedicated to deploying carbon capture for decarbonizing the economy. The recent acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to develop groundbreaking new technology for CO2 capture and move ahead of the competition.

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