Bain & Company To Achieve Net Zero In 2022

Bain & Company To Achieve Net Zero In 2022 - Carbon Herald

Bain & Company has come up with nature-based carbon reduction projects to help the firm achieve net zero carbon status by the end of the year.

Currently, the company is offsetting all three scopes of its operations, but it is moving forward to offset even more than that. 

Bain & Company won’t just rely on avoiding emissions to become net zero but on all the other possible means of maintaining a cleaner atmosphere. The aim is to remove CO2 from the atmosphere by adopting practices such as direct air capture (DAC), reforestation, etc. 

Over the past two years, Bain & Company has incorporated more than 600 sustainability projects to help with energy transitions and carbon reduction. 

The carbon footprint calculation process

A carbon footprint calculator is a great way to understand how much and in what way we are contributing to global CO2 emissions. 

Bain & Company, with the help of an external partner, is following the carbon footprint calculation process and is focusing on promoting reforestation in China, Mexico, Ghana, and other similar projects in the US. 

The carbon-neutral protocol will help verify the process outside the Company.

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It’s essential to remove carbon from the atmosphere to reach global net-zero targets. This year, Frontier, a $925 million carbon removal project, was engaged to encourage all other adjacent projects.

A good example of one more natural carbon reduction project is Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand that produces and sells zero-carbon beef created with the help of their carbon sequestration process.

Also, Bain & Company is collaborating with external partners such as 3Degrees and Silvera Natural Capital Partners, to make sure they are purchasing high-quality offset credits to genuinely offset their own CO2 emissions. 

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