Aviva Pledges $6M To Nature Conservancy Of Canada For Nature-Based Carbon Removal Projects

Aviva Pledges $6M To Nature Conservancy Of Canada For Nature-Based Carbon Removal Projects - Carbon Removal

Grasslands, forests and tidal marshes in Canada will grow stronger and more resilient, thanks to a new partnership between Aviva plc (Aviva) and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

Aviva has pledged nearly CAD$6 million over the next seven years to support targeted restoration, conservation and opportunities for carbon removal projects.

Through its donation, Aviva is helping NCC protect and restore natural areas that are valuable for biodiversity, communities and the health of our planet.

This is Aviva’s second partnership in Canada under its £100-million global program of nature-based carbon sequestration projects aimed at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Aviva has prioritized nature-based carbon solutions as part of its ambition to become a net-zero company by 2040. These projects also provide a positive contribution to the biodiversity crisis and help support flood protection and the resiliency of local communities.

In total, the donation is expected to contribute to the conservation and/or restoration of 900 hectares — the equivalent of over 1,520 CFL football fields.

Aviva’s donation will also support a study on the carbon sequestering power of tidal marshes in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, which could be leveraged to accelerate future conservation work.

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NCC is deploying data modelling and landscape analysis tools, combined with extensive on-the-ground expertise, to identify high-priority natural areas that will deliver the most impact from this donation.

The funding will be directed to three priority landscapes: grasslands, forests and tidal marshes.

  • Grasslands: More than 85 per cent of Saskatchewan’s native grasslands have been lost. This partnership will support NCC in restoring more than 500 hectares of this important ecosystem and enhance habitat for an estimated 30 species at risk in the province.
  • Forests: Forests in central and southern Canada exist largely in isolated fragments, due to land conversion and development pressures. This partnership will support NCC in restoring more than 100 hectares of forest in central Manitoba, connecting movement corridors for wide-ranging animals and planting future carbon stores. NCC will also pursue carbon removal projects on these reforested lands to amplify the impact of this restoration work.
  • Tidal marshes: These ecosystems form part of our natural defences against the impacts of climate change. Tidal marshes buffer inland areas from extreme weather events, slow shoreline erosion, store incredible amounts of carbon and offer safe haven to many species at risk. This partnership will support NCC in conserving more than 300 hectares of this ecosystem along the St. Lawrence Gulf and Estuary.

Restoration across each of these ecosystems takes time, which makes Aviva’s long-term partnership crucial to the enduring success of NCC’s efforts.

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