AVB Biotech Introduces New Carbon Removal Solution ‘Dr. Oxygen’

AVB Biotech Introduces New Carbon Removal Solution ‘Dr. Oxygen’ - Carbon Herald

Turkish biotech company AVB Biotech has just introduced a groundbreaking new carbon removal solution that it calls ‘Dr. Oxygen’.

The technology uses something known as a Molecular Magnetization Technique and was discovered almost by accident throughout research that was aimed at enhancing athletic performance. 

AVB Biotech is calling its novel climate solution ‘Dr. Oxygen’, which boasts an impressive 92% efficiency in removing CO2 emissions from ambient air. 

The Molecular Magnetization Technique it relies on magnetizes carbon atoms from the atmosphere and results in oxygen output, hence the catchy name of the technology. 

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In addition to providing a valuable climate solution, the Turkish company’s approach also allows commercial users to profit from it, as the process yields high-purity solid carbon, which has many applications.  

“Pure carbon and its allotropes can be utilized as raw materials across various sectors. This technology presents an opportunity for industries with high carbon emissions to generate additional income,” said Serkan Tunç, CEO of AVB Biotech. 

This automatically relieves one of the major roadblocks that are currently in the way of scaling most carbon capture and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies out there – their high cost. 

By leveraging Dr. Oxygen’s ability to produce carbon in solid form, heavy emitters and other businesses can easily have the technology pay for itself in time. 

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