Athabasca Partners With Entropy On Oil Sands Carbon Capture

Athabasca Partners With Entropy On Oil Sands Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald
Aerial view of Petrochemical oil refinery along the Athabasca River. Image: Spotmatik Ltd/Shutterstock

Athabasca, Canada’s tenth largest oil producer, has partnered with Entropy to construct a carbon capture and storage site at its Leismer oil sands site. The company plans to go ahead with the project in 2023, it announced in its capital budget released Dec. 7. 

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Entropy will fund the development and the facility will be built as part of an expansion of the Leismer oil sands well site in Alberta. The plan is part of Athabasca’s goal to reduce emissions intensity by 30% by 2025.

The new site may come before the Pathways Alliance projects that will allocate C$24 billion ($17.6 billion) by the end of the decade toward carbon capture facilities. 

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