Aspen Technology Announces New Sustainability Investment Planning Solution

Aspen Technology Announces New Sustainability Investment Planning Solution - Carbon Herald

Aspen Technology has recently announced the release of a new solution aimed at helping companies navigate the complex world of sustainability investment planning. 

The Aspen Technology Strategic Planning for Sustainability Pathways tool is designed to assist organizations in making informed decisions about carbon capture, utilization, and storage strategies, as well as investments in sustainable initiatives. 

This new offering comes at a time when businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and operate in a more environmentally responsible manner.

The development of the AspenTech Strategic Planning solution was made possible through a licensing agreement with Aramco, a leading energy and chemicals company. The agreement, which was finalized last year, has allowed Aspen Technology to leverage Aramco’s expertise in the energy sector to create a comprehensive tool that addresses the growing need for long-term investment strategies for environmental and social responsibility.

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After the success of this initiative, AspenTech has revealed plans to introduce a larger co-innovation program, which will aim to connect top owner operators and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms to jointly create a broader range of strategic planning solutions. The goal is to optimize operations across various sustainability paths. 

By bringing together the best minds in the industry, AspenTech hopes to drive innovation and create new opportunities for companies to implement improved practices to minimize the negative environmental impact of their operations.

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The overall anticipated effect of the new set of solutions is to assist organizations in diverse sectors in making better-informed decisions regarding their climate-forward projects, ultimately contributing to a future that is more conscious of protecting the environment.

According to Rasha Hasaneen, Aspen Technology’s Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, asset-heavy industries are crucial for achieving global net-zero goals. 

In a statement, he shared that carbon capture is a key strategy for customers but it requires substantial financial commitment. Aspen Technology’s new strategic planning solution aims to optimize investments in both capital expenditure and operational expenses throughout the carbon capture value chain.

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