ASCO & Landmark Power Holdings Close To Completing Pioneering Carbon Capture Project 

ASCO & Landmark Power Holdings Close To Completing Pioneering Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald

The UK’s first high efficiency power plant utilizing a full carbon capture and utilization system is nearing completion in Rhodesia, Nottinghamshire. ASCO Carbon Dioxide is the supplier of the CO2 recovery and processing equipment, while Landmark Power Holdings will be utilizing its FlexPower® technology for carbon neutral power generation.

The $38 million (£30 million) plant will supply power to around 10,000 households, while also capturing and utilizing four tons of liquid CO2 every hour.

Source: ASCO Carbon Dioxide

“The fact, that ASCO is part of this unique project, working alongside with great companies to deliver UK’s first decarbonised energy power plant makes us incredibly proud. This will be a game changer and a model of sustainable energy generation worldwide to achieve the important “net zero” climate goals” says Fabian Weber, Director Marketing & Communications, ASCO Carbon Dioxide. 

Mick Avison, founder and managing director of Landmark Power Holdings adds:”We are proud to be making significant progress in our mission to bring climate-neutral power to the UK through the  construction of our power plants, and we are very pleased to have ASCO Carbon Dioxide as a  partner on this journey. Their expertise and commitment to sustainability align perfectly with our  vision for increased circularity in energy generation.”

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The recovery units of ASCO CO2, part of industrial gas group Messer, at the plant will capture the CO2 in the flue gas from the  project’s Rolls Royce MTU gas fired engines and process it into food-grade liquid CO2. BUSE Gases Ltd, a leading global supplier of industrial and specialty gases, have signed a contract to  purchase the food-grade CO2 for 15 years, even before the project is commissioned.

One of the interesting facts about the project is that the off-take agreement for the captured CO2 was signed even before commissioning was initiated, confirming there is strong demand in the market.

“The start of CO2 deliveries is set for early 2024. However, if some quantities are available earlier, we can easily access them. In principle, this agreement guarantees a stable and reliable supply of  tens of thousands of tons of food-grade CO2 per year, independent of any fertilizer production,” said Dimitris Sfikas, CEO of BUSE Gases Ltd. 

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