Argentine Wine Producer Joins Initiative To Capture Carbon In Soil

Argentine Wine Producer Joins Initiative To Capture Carbon In Soil - Carbon Herald
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The Argentine wine group Grupo Avinea (parent company of Bodega Argento) has announced its commitment to the global ‘4 per 1000’ initiative aimed at capturing and storing carbon in soil. 

Announced shortly after the International Soil Conservation Day on July 7, the commitment seeks to showcase the vital role that agriculture plays in climate change. 

Particularly the sustainable practices around agricultural soils are key when it comes to mitigating the climate crisis and overcoming such issues as food security. 

The ‘4 per 1000’ initiative was first launched at the COP21 climate change summit in France, back in 2015 and the name represents the 0.4% annual increase in soil carbon capture that is thought to have a significant impact on reducing atmospheric levels of CO2.

Since then, the initiative has been joined by various organizations, ranging from private companies to NGOs and local authorities, and its latest member Grupo Avinea is Argentina’s largest organic wines producer. 

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As such, it is the nation’s first wine producing company to join the initiative through its different brands and wineries, including the famous Bodega Argento and Otronia. 

Following the commitment, Grupo Avinea will start promoting soil management practices that are science-based and designed to maintain healthy soils for wine making that can also capture climate-warming carbon dioxide. 

Said practices also involve measuring the amount of CO2 present in the soils, and with the help of the accumulated data, those supporting the initiative hope to prompt the creation of policies to encourage farmers and landowners to adopt sustainable agricultural practices. 

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