ArcelorMittal Kicks Off New Carbon Recycling Trial In Belgium

New Carbon Recycling Trial Kicks Off At ArcelorMittal in Belgium - Carbon Herald

ArcelorMittal, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), and climate technology company D-CRBN are collaborating on a new initiative to recycle captured carbon dioxide (CO2) from ArcelorMittal’s plant in Ghent, Belgium, into carbon monoxide for use in steel and chemical production. 

This trial builds upon the ongoing carbon capture pilot project at the site, which aims to assess the potential for implementing MHI’s carbon capture technology, Advanced KM CDR Process™, on a larger scale.

The partnership will employ a groundbreaking technology developed by D-CRBN that uses plasma in the carbon conversion process. With this novel methodology, using renewable electricity, the plasma is used to break the carbon-oxygen bond, thereby converting CO2 into carbon monoxide.

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In order to ensure effectiveness, the D-CRBN process relies on high-purity CO2, and the MHI carbon capture unit at the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Ghent can provide the necessary carbon supply.

To achieve this goal, on July 1st, a link was established between MHI’s carbon capture system and D-CRBN’s unit to determine if the CO2 captured by MHI’s technology could be used as an input for D-CRBN. This collaborative trial aims to guarantee that any contaminants in the CO2 produced from steel manufacturing do not hinder the procedure or final gas product.

Once the captured carbon dioxide is successfully transformed into CO, it has the potential to serve as a reductant in steel production, essentially substituting some of the coke or metallurgical coal typically employed in the blast furnace. Alternatively, it can also be utilized as a fundamental element in Ghent’s Steelanol facility for the creation of chemicals or alternative fuels.

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Manfred Van Vlierberghe, CEO of ArcelorMittal Belgium, expressed the company’s pride in participating in the innovative carbon capture and utilization project and shared that this initiative aligns with their strategy to advance the Smart Carbon steelmaking pathway in Belgium. 

He added, “Our team of engineers has worked hard with our partners to reach this stage – and we are thrilled that our new partner, D-CRBN, have created this new CCU technology here in Belgium.”

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