Arca And BHP Collaborate On New CO2 Capture Project At Nickel Mine

Arca And BHP Collaborate On New CO2 Capture Project At Mine - Carbon Herald

Arca Climate Technologies and BHP have joined forces to launch a new pilot project at BHP’s Mt Keith Nickel West mine in Australia. The project, which is set to run for 18 months, will be focused on testing Arca’s innovative approach to carbon capture and storage using mine tailings.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate that Arca’s methodology can effectively capture and permanently store atmospheric carbon dioxide, while also ensuring the integration of the technology is safe within an operating mine.

Arca, being one of the first companies to commercialize mineralization for the capture and storage of atmospheric CO2, stated in a news release that their work is supported by scientific research and technology development.

The innovative company specializes in enabling mines to permanently remove CO2 while producing the metals necessary for driving the clean energy transition.

By utilizing rovers, surface manipulation technology, and machine learning algorithms, Arca alters mine tailings to accelerate the process of carbon mineralization, measure crucial carbon capture, and trade verifiable and enduring carbon dioxide removal credits.

According to Arca, this method is exceptional because it captures and stores atmospheric CO2 in one single step.

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After being recognized as one of the top clean technology investment opportunities in Canada and winning a $1 million prize from XPRIZE and the Musk Foundation last year, Arca has recently been awarded a C$1.25 million ($920,000) grant from the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE).

With this grant, Arca is now set to implement and scale its solution in a global setting, marking a major milestone for the company and a significant step forward in the fight against climate change.

In addition to their partnership with BHP, Arca is also working with other mining companies, such as Vale, Talon Metals, Poseidon Nickel, NickelSearch, and Blackstone Minerals, to assess and quantify the carbon mineralization potential of their mine tailings.

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