Aramco Awards Daphne Technology License For Mobile Carbon Capture

Aramco Awards Daphne Technology License For Mobile Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald
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Saudi Aramco Technologies Company has awarded Daphne Technology a license to further develop and commercialize its mobile carbon capture (MCC) solution.

The advanced mobile carbon capture technology developed by Saudi Aramco, which fully owns Saudi Aramco Technologies Company, is intended for use in the shipping industry and has the potential to drastically reduce maritime CO2 emissions. 

Daphne Technologies is among the leading developers of carbon capture and other emissions reduction solutions, particularly for hard-to-abate sectors, such as shipping. 

So far, Aramco’s MCC solution has demonstrated a carbon capture capacity of up to 40% in passenger road transportation and even in a heavy-duty truck.

Of course, ships and marine vessels consume immeasurably more fuel than passenger transportation and trucks, but the science behind the MCC technology pretty much remains the same, and that is where Daphne Technology comes in. 

The company will try to come up with ways to adapt Aramco’s technology to the maritime industry so that it can be installed on large commercial ships. 

At the moment, the International Maritime Organization has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally by 50% by 2050, and MCC can potentially help achieve that goal.

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