Aramco And Siemens Energy AG To Build A Pilot Direct Air Capture Project

Aramco And Siemens Energy AG To Build A Pilot Direct Air Capture Project - Carbon Herald
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Aramco and Siemens Energy AG announced they will sign an agreement Monday to build a pilot project for direct air capture, as the major oil producer wants to reduce emissions from its activities. 

“We believe direct-air capture will work, but needs more innovation and technologies to bring the costs down,” said the chief executive officer of Aramco, Amin Nasser at an event Sunday in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, as he announced the collaborative project with Siemens Energy.

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Aramco, the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals company, is taking part in the development of carbon capture technologies in an effort to preserve its core business – fossil fuel exploration and development. Today, the company is capturing and processing 45 million standard cubic feet of CO2 at its NGL plant in Hawiyah and injected it into the Uthmaniyah oil reservoir. It is using this technique to maintain pressure in the reservoir for enhanced oil recovery. 

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It is also working with SLB and Linde to build one of the world’s largest CCUS hubs in the Jubail industrial zone in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia to capture up to 9 million metric tons of CO2 per year starting in 2027. The emissions will be sequestered underground to enhance oil production.

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