Apple Launches Its First Carbon Neutral Watches

Apple Launches First Carbon Neutral Apple Watches - Carbon Herald
Apple Watch with assorted-color Sports Bands. Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

Apple has introduced two carbon neutral Apple Watches at its Wonderlust event on Sept. 12. The Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 are the company’s first carbon neutral products. 

In a press release, Apple has provided more details on the criteria the Apple Watches meet to be considered carbon neutral, including using 100% clean electricity for manufacturing and product use, 30% recycled or renewable material by weight, and 50% of shipping without air transportation. According to the statement, these efforts result in at least a 75% reduction in product emissions for each of the models. 

The carbon-neutral certification for these wearables is issued by SCS Global Services. It covers all aluminum models of the Apple Watch Series 9 and SE when paired with a new Sport Loop. Additionally, the certification applies to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 when paired with either the Trail Loop or Alpine Loop.

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In 2020, Apple achieved CO2 neutrality for its worldwide corporate operations and unveiled its Apple 2030 strategy. This plan revolves around achieving carbon neutrality throughout the company’s complete value chain by the year 2030. Apple’s target is to reduce overall carbon emissions by 75% compared to 2015 levels. Through a combination of actions such as avoiding carbon-generating activities, expanding the use of renewable energy across its corporate operations and supply chain, and embracing the use of recycled and renewable materials in its designs, Apple has already managed to reduce its total emissions by over 45% since 2015, while experiencing a revenue growth of more than 65% during the same period.

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