Aperture Carbon Capture Space Brings AI-Powered Insights To The Industry

Aperture Carbon Capture Space Brings AI-Powered Insights To The Industry - Carbon Herald

U.S. data analytics company Aperture has launched its Carbon Capture Space, the first of a series of curated datasets that will provide a customized and data-driven view of unmet market needs. 

The Carbon Capture Space offers innovators, analysts, and investors insights into over 1,000 technologies for carbon capture, utilization, and storage. 

The dataset looks at 83 industries and subindustries and over 14,000 companies, universities, government institutions, and other organizations and analyzes more than 28,000 source publications, including patents, scientific journals, trade journals, and industry news. 

“Aperture was born with the idea that there is often a mismatch between technology development and real, important problems in need of new solutions,” said Jonathan Fegely, Aperture’s President. “Too many innovators are building new products and technologies in a vacuum, and we want to give them more transparency into unmet needs and technology challenges to better guide their development, and also hopefully accelerate our overall innovation and problem-solving at the societal level.”

And while the Carbon Capture Space is the first standard collection that Aperture introduced, the Ohio-based company also plans to launch other datasets in the near future. 

“We cover many different industries and technology areas, from the future of mobility to telemedicine, to renewable energy,” Fegely said. “Our Carbon Capture Space is just the first in our standard collection that will be released over the coming weeks – of course, driven by massive interest among our clients and serious need.”

The team behind Aperture comprises commercialization, software development, and data analytics experts who saw a need for better insights into relevant customer problems. Their goal is to help companies find ways to connect their solutions to emerging trends and market needs.

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