Andes Partners With Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory To Study Soil Carbon Cycling

Andes Partners With Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory To Study Soil Carbon Cycling - Carbon Herald

Andes, a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) company focused on the generation of inorganic carbon in agricultural soils, is announcing its participation in a newly launched research center led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) as part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Earthshots Initiative.

The Energy Earthshots Initiative is a $200 million commitment from the DOE towards funding innovative technologies for solving the climate crisis. As part of this initiative, the DOE is allocating funding for technology breakthroughs in CDR that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere and durably store it at meaningful scales for less than $100/net metric tonne of CO2-equivalent within a decade (the Carbon Negative Shot™).

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This specific program led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is called The Terraforming Soil Energy Earthshot Research Center (EERC) and is made up of a group of 14 collaborators, including Yale, MIT, and the University of California – Berkeley, with Andes being the sole private sector actor in the research center. The EERC team includes 50 world-class experts in soil carbon cycling, photosynthesis biochemistry, plant/microbial gene engineering and genomics, mineral geochemistry, machine learning, exascale modeling and computing, additive manufacturing and in situ isotope-based characterization.

“Our goal is to advance the fundamental understanding of CO2 drawdown in soils through both organic and inorganic pathways, measuring soil C storage capacity, durability and regional variations that affect needed land-management practices,” Dr. Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Director of EERC from LLNL said. 

The center will bridge cutting-edge analytical and computational studies with a commitment to engage with community stakeholders, exploring the technical, social and economic implications of engineered soil CO2 drawdown. In addition, the team will emphasize diverse training opportunities for students and early career scientists and amplify equity and inclusion throughout the research pipeline.

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“This exciting partnership alongside leading research institutions and the DOE is a strong validation of the R&D work Andes has been doing over the last five years,” said Bjorn Traag, Chief Scientific Officer of Andes. He continues: “The partnership will further enable Andes to study and enhance the natural ability of microbes in weathering silicates for the purpose of CDR .”

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