American Carbon Registry Partners Up With AirCarbon Exchange For ERT Offering

American Carbon Registry Partners Up With AirCarbon Exchange For ERT Offering - Carbon Herald

AirCarbon Exchange (ACX), announced yesterday that it will be partnering with the American Carbon Registry (ACR), one of the leading carbon offset registry programs, to offer Emission Reduction Tons (ERTs) on the ACX Platform.

The agreement opens a path for ACR account holders to offer ERTs through the different avenue that ACX provides. These include the latter’s auctions platform and over-the-counter transactions.

It will also provide a direct link for anyone on ACR to sell ERTs to the rapidly growing list of ACX members, which stand at 150 today.

William Pazos, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ACX said, “We look forward to working closely with the ACR team to broaden the carbon offerings available to ACR and ACX members in the future to enable broader carbon market participation.”

American Carbon Registry Managing Director Lauren Nichols commented on the partnership by saying: “ACR is excited to link with ACX to expand market access to ERTs as voluntary carbon market demand continues to grow. We are pleased to facilitate the opportunity for ACR Account Holders to offer and transact their credits with a wider range of market participants via the ACX platform.”

Earlier this week ACX announced a partnership with Mubadala Investment Co, a United Arab Emirates wealth fund with $284 billion. The Abu Dhabi fund will be acquiring a 20% stake in the platform.

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