Amazon Commits $15M To Asia’s “Wild Carbon” Program, Starts With Project In India’s Western Ghats

Amazon Commits $15M To Asia's "Wild Carbon" Program, Starts With Project In India's Western Ghats - Carbon Herald
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Amazon has pledged $15 million towards nature conservation efforts in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with the “Wild Carbon” program. The company plans to support communities, climate resilience, and biodiversity through nature-based projects.

The funding is derived from Amazon’s Right Now Climate Fund, which was created in 2019 with a total of $100 million to aid in nature conservation and restoration projects that enhance climate resilience, protect biodiversity, and benefit local communities.

The initiative has started with a focus on India’s Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich biodiversity, where Amazon has allocated $3 million of its budget. Amazon will be partnering with the Center for Wildlife Studies (CWS) to support local communities and conservation efforts in the area.

The Western Ghats are home to more than 30% of India’s wildlife species, and they are especially known for their significant population of wild Asiatic elephants and tigers. The funding from Amazon will help protect and preserve the delicate ecosystem of this area, ensuring the survival of these endangered species and promoting sustainable development in the region.

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As part of this initiative, Amazon is providing $1 million in funding to the CWS to establish the “Wild Carbon” program. This program aims to support 10,000 farmers in planting and maintaining one million fruit-bearing, timber, and medicinal trees.

By making this direct contribution, Amazon will enable CWS to work with 2,000 family farms and facilitate the planting of 3 million trees over the course of three years.

The project funds will also be utilized to develop advanced drone monitoring systems and remote sensing technology, as well as on-the-ground surveys to verify the outcomes of the program, which will further advance research on the potential positive impact of farmers on reforestation opportunities.

Amazon stated that they will announce additional investments in projects situated in India and other APAC nations within the next few months.

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