Allium Engineering Is Working To Reduce Steel Carbon Emissions By Two Thirds

Allium Engineering Is Working To Reduce Steel Carbon Emissions By Two Thirds - Carbon Herald
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New technology startup is promising to reduce emissions of the steel industry. Allium Engineering is a company focused on solving critical challenges with the durability and sustainability of our infrastructure. 

Allium’s technology works as it eliminates steel corrosion, which prolongs the life of steel so structures that would last 30 years can be built to last 100 years. More resistant to corrosion steel means less maintenance and replacement which also reduces the cost of existing structures.

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According to the startup’s estimates, the extension of the lifetime of steel structures translates into reducing steel carbon emissions by two thirds. 

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Steel production currently accounts for 8% of total global CO2 emissions. To bring the industry in line with the world’s net zero goal by 2050, significant innovations are needed in steel lifecycle to decrease its heavy carbon footprint.

Allium Engineering is working to change the way that steel is manufactured to enable it to resist corrosion through an innovative metal coating process while avoiding emissions from two of the world’s largest CO2 sources, steel and concrete production.

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The startup also announced in August, it was selected to participate in The Heritage Group (“THG”) Accelerator – a hard tech accelerator program at THG’s innovation hub in Indianapolis focused on building a sustainable future through innovation in specialty chemicals, advanced materials, infrastructure and construction, environmental solutions, and industrial systems.

The company reports in the next 13 weeks, it will focus to grow, gain critical industry insights and opportunities to pilot its technology.

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