AlliedOffsets, Fenix Carbon Team Up To Boost Early-Stage Carbon Project Visibility

AlliedOffsets, Fenix Carbon Team Up To Boost Early-Stage Carbon Project Visibility - Carbon Herald

London-based data and research company AlliedOffsets has announced a new collaboration with Fenix Carbon, a climate finance catalyst specializing in early-stage carbon offset projects, in a move to increase transparency and accessibility in the carbon offset market, fostering greater comprehension of early-stage ventures.

The partners estimate that one significant challenge in the carbon offset sector has been the absence of a centralized registry for such projects, making it difficult for stakeholders to access comprehensive and comparable information from different registries.

In response to this, AlliedOffsets has filled a crucial void by creating a centralized database that acts as a one-stop resource for researchers, individuals, and businesses, enabling them to access vital project data from a variety of sources.

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Under this new partnership, AlliedOffsets will integrate core information about Fenix Carbon’s projects into its platform, expanding the array of available carbon offset projects for users.

This integration will seamlessly allow individuals, researchers, and businesses to explore, compare, and support Fenix Carbon’s initiatives, thereby enhancing the visibility and accessibility of these impactful projects.

Furthermore, it will provide users with insights into forthcoming projects and trends in early-stage project development.

Anton Root, Head of Research at AlliedOffsets, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “By integrating Fenix Carbon’s projects into our dashboard, we aim to amplify the reach of these critical initiatives and empower our users to make a real impact on mitigating climate change at the very early stages of project creation, before they even enter the registry ecosystem.”

Thomas Herry, CEO of Fenix Carbon, emphasized the importance of standardized data in successful carbon investments and the goal to increase the visibility of planet-saving projects through this collaboration.

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