AlliedOffsets And Direct Air Capture Coalition Unveil Global DAC Deployment Map

AlliedOffsets And Direct Air Capture Coalition Unveil Global DAC Deployment Map - Carbon Herald

Data and tech company AlliedOffsets and the Direct Air Capture Coalition (DACC) have teamed up to create a global DAC Deployment Map

The landmark initiative is a major step towards boosting transparency and raising awareness in the field of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

The newly unveiled DAC Deployment Map offers users an interactive overview of all the current DAC projects around the world, from prototypes to commercial facilities.

However, as the map’s aim is to showcase First-of-a-Kind (FOAKs) projects with a high degree of deliverability, it does not feature projects that are planned to be built after 2030 or that do not have a pilot plant.

DAC project developers are welcome to submit their facility-level data directly on the DACC website, which will help keep the map up-to-date, particularly as new projects are officially announced. 

Hence, the joint initiative between AlliedOffsets and DACC has a particular focus on clearly depicting the DAC landscape as it is currently, instead of providing an outlook into the long-term future and planned capacity. 

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The DAC Deployment Map offers users a truly comprehensive picture of the deployment of DAC technology in the world, complete with a range of different data points, including facility names, locations, technologies used, CO2 capture capacities, and operational statuses.

Aaron Benjamin, UK and Europe Lead of the Direct Air Capture Coalition commented on the launch: “This map is not just a tool; it’s a testament to the explosion of progress and innovation DAC companies have made over the last few years.”

“Investments in innovative technologies like DAC are essential to achieving our climate goals and reducing emissions in the years to come,” stated Anton Root, Head of Research at AlliedOffsets. “We hope that the work we have done together with the DAC Coalition to map out DAC sites and deployments will bring more transparency to the space.”

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