Alcove Launches Shopify Integration To Unify Carbon Credit Inventory Management And Sales

Alcove Launches Shopify Integration To Unify Carbon Credit Inventory Management And Sales - Carbon Herald

Alcove, a New York-based carbon credit management company with over 50 million tons of CO2e inventory on its platform, has released its eponymous application for the Shopify commerce platform. Through it developers of carbon projects will be able to manage and sell credits generated by any type of carbon removal or avoidance project.

The integration essentially turns carbon removal purchases into a straightforward ecommerce experience for buyers by connecting Alcove’s standardized and verified inventory with a sales functionality that taps into the credits’ data, providing traceability and trust.

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Building a reliable inventory has been one of the challenges for project developers, who also have to establish their own sales and marketing activities for the credits they generate. The combination of Alcove’s platform and Shopify’s vast commercial ecosystem provides an efficient solution for both parts of this equation.

Alcove’s platform enables project developers to automate their most critical carbon credit inventory workflows like forecasting, allocation and deliveries, while providing a deep technical description of the credits. These are then standardized and visualized in the platform to allow the tracking of timelines and purchases.

With the Shopify integration, Alcove users can now commercialize at scale through automated listing and sales of their credits, without the need to use a marketplace. The ability to have customizable storefronts also allows them to target buyers of different types and sizes, increasing and diverifying revenue streams.

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“With the release of the Alcove application for Shopify, project developers using the Alcove inventory management platform are able to seamlessly integrate the full capabilities of Shopify to manage, promote, and sell their credits directly to new buyer segments.” says Mars Garza, co-founder and co-CEO of Alcove.

If you are a carbon credit project developer or working on becoming one, you can contact the Alcove team to learn more at You can also download the Alcove application through the Shopify app store and listen to our podcast episode with Alcove’s co-founders on Spotify.

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