Alberta First Nations Voice Concerns Over Carbon Storage Plans

Alberta First Nations Voice Concerns Over Carbon Storage Plans - Carbon Herald
Source: James Wheeler via Pexels

Seven Alberta First Nations have raised concerns over carbon capture and storage (CCS) plans that may affect their traditional lands. 

Namely, the concerns have to do with certain environmental risks surrounding the injection of carbon dioxide into geological formations for permanent storage – a practice that is gaining more momentum as the need to do away with excess CO2 emissions becomes ever more pressing in the wake of rising global temperatures. 

While the climate solution of capturing and storing away CO2 is backed by governments and businesses, environmentalists do point to the fact that risks of leakages and ruptures are largely still unaddressed. 

Hence, Indigenous communities in Canada’s province of Alberta are worried about the potential harm of the massive CCS project proposed by Pathways Alliance

The project is valued at a staggering $12 billion, which is evidence enough of its magnitude, but so far, the developers have not provided enough data relevant to evaluating its potential risks and harmful consequences for nearby reserve lands, the First Nations say.

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Furthermore, the Alberta First Nations also raised questions concerning the regulatory process of granting approval for carbon storage projects, and how much focus it has on their environmental implications and effects on local communities. 

Pathways Alliance, which currently represents the vast majority of Alberta’s oilsands production, is in the process of consulting with communities regarding the proposed CCS project, but environmental concerns aren’t the only challenge the organization is facing. 

Economic incentives for the planned project are also in question, so much so that global research and consultancy group Wood Mackenzie dedicated one of its latest reports to the matter. 

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