Aker To Build Carbon Capture In The North Sea

Aker To Build Carbon Capture In The North Sea - Carbon Herald
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Aker has teamed up with Dril-Quip, one of the world’s leading offshore drilling and production equipment manufacturers, on a new carbon capture, utilization and storage project in the North Sea.

The project is known as the Northern Endurance Project in the UK.

Under the agreement, Dril-Quip is to provide Aker with CO2 injection trees and wellheads that are to be incorporated into a larger system for subsea injection. 

The technology is specifically designed for the purpose of injecting CO2 from carbon capture facilities, such as the Northern Endurance Project.

In turn, Aker will provide all of the carbon capture, storage and utilization (CCUS) systems together with the necessary control mechanisms and electrification elements. 

The Northern Endurance Project (NEP) is the result of the partnership between oil majors BP, Shell, Equinor, Total and National Grid. 

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Its purpose is to provide access to the Endurance carbon storage site in the North Sea, which is situated roughly 90 miles offshore from Teesside and has the capacity to store as much as 450 million metric tons of carbon. 

The partnership was formed in 2020 and aimed to establish the necessary infrastructure to capture carbon from emitters across Teesside. 

And in October last year, the project’s East Coast Cluster was included in Phase 1 of the UK Government’s CCUS cluster sequencing process as a priority cluster. 

Jeff Bird, president and CEO of Dril-Quip, was very pleased to announce the strategic arrangement with Aker Solutions in the North Sea. 

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Bird acknowledged Aker’s leading position in the field of developing integrated solutions for carbon capture and storage.

And he also recognized the opportunity for Dri-Quip to further reinforce its own ‘leadership leadership and commitment in energy transition.’

The company already boasts a proven legacy of providing cutting-edge technologies that not only save time, cut costs and lower risks, they also help customers reduce their carbon footprint. 

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